Folding Mini Beachcart Assembly Instructions

  1. Loosen all straps and set wheels aside.
    DO NOT REMOVE black twist knobs from hubs.
  2. Hold frame in vertical position and fold down platform.
  3. Remove axle from frame by cutting cable ties.
    NOTE: Use axle clips provided to attach axle to frame for ease of carrying and/or storing.
  4. Remove yellow wheel spacers from axle and set aside with wheels.
  5. Slide axle with crimp notch into grooved axle housing.
  6. Fold up handle and push handle clamp down to lock.
  7. Slide wheel spacers onto axle prior to installing wheels.
  8. Slide wheels onto axle until they click in place.
  9. Secure gear with lashing straps as shown.
  10. Reverse process to disassemble.
    Important: Twist black knob on wheel hub only 1/4 turn to remove wheels.

Maintenance Tip: To prevent rusting, rinse all parts with fresh water and dry.