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"The All-Terrain Wheelchair"

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After many requests for mobility products we've arranged with the manufacturer to offer you the best all-terrain and beach wheelchair on the market today - bar none. This is the Cadillac of recreational mobility products.

SA is proud to i
ntroduce Landeez, the all-terrain and beach wheelchair that is reshaping the lives of people around the world. Until now, wheelchairs could not provide access to the most beautiful areas of parks and beaches. Thanks to the Landeez all-terrain wheelchair, all of that has changed.

The Landeez all-terrain and beach wheelchair was designed specifically to enable people who use wheelchairs to come in closer contact with nature. The Landeez can roll easily over sand, snow, and gravel. Its soft plastic pneumatic tires absorb almost all road shocks for a remarkably comfortable ride.For traveling by car, the Landeez can be disassembled and placed in your trunk in seconds. The entire frame utilizes quick release pins, so tools are not necessary. A kit containing interchangeable street wheels is now available (Call for more information on exciting new options). The "Landeez Advantage" means you are free to enjoy your life! Whether it's a day at the beach,  ocean side, or lakeside, an outing to your favorite national park, or out on the town on snowy days, the Landeez is the ideal way to enjoy access to the wonders of nature.
.......With the
Landeez all-terrain wheelchair, you can enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Product Specifications 


Stainless steel frame is both light-weight and durable bringing you years of proud ownership.


19" seat height and armrests that can be raised make transferring safe and easy.


Entire frame disassembles in seconds without tools for easy transport and storage.


Leg rests can be adjusted in length and angle for maximum comfort.


The Landeez rides easily over sand, snow, and gravel absorbing road shocks for a remarkably comfortable ride.


Front casters allow full 360 degree turn, even in elevators!


The Landeez Advantage


The Landeez even comes with a 5 year warranty

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 "The Landeez Advantage"

Ease of Operation - Because the Landeez has two large wheels in the rear and 360 degree casters wheels in the front, the Landeez is much more stable than other designs. The average person has 90 percent their weight in their upper body. The Landeez large rear wheels are positioned to support this weight. Front caster wheels allow the Landeez to pivot for 360 degree turns.  The large wheels in the rear result in ease of operation including pushing and turning. All modern manual wheelchairs use this wheel configuration for this reason.

Ease of Transport and Storage - The Landeez is the most portable and convenient all-terrain wheelchair on the market. The Landeez truly disassembles completely so you can transport and store easily. No other wheelchair anywhere has these design features. In actual use, portability makes a big difference to your experience. Other wheelchairs allow you to remove certain pieces of the wheelchair while the main frame does not disassemble. This means you are left with large sections of the wheelchair which are cumbersome to transport. Only the Landeez completely disassembles and can be placed in a travel bag!   

Structural Integrity and Superior Engineering - The Landeez is expertly engineered by top professionals in healthcare and aerospace industry. The frame is constructed of marine grade stainless steel. This is the material chosen over other materials by the yacht industry and by manufacturers of quality pool ladders and lifeguard stands. It has been selected by these industries because of its combined strength and corrosion-resistant qualities.  Original Landeez sold eleven years ago are still in daily service. Landeez has the longest proven track record of any all-terrain wheelchair.

Price Includes Upgraded Wheels and Umbrella Holder - Items and upgrades in the Landeez are included as standard equipment rather than priced as accessories.

Note: The Landeez is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (510K Pre-market notification) as required by law for all products which are used by people with disabilities (including canes, walkers, and wheelchairs). Many wheelchair companies have not satisfied legal obligations for structural integrity and fire-repellant seat fabric.

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