"Homemade Beachcarts"
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Here is a beach cart that was home made using Roleez Wheels.
 If you've modified an existing beach cart or built your own using Wheeleez or Roleez
you are invited to submit photos and/or an explanation of your project.

We will proudly display them for you.
All we ask is that you explain how you did it so we can share it with others.

The "Ultimate Beachcart"
This photo submitted by L.C. from Sandy Hook Beach, NJ

How I Did It - The "Ultimate Cart"    

"I had a square tubular frame made at a local welding shop with 4 - 12inch X 1inch axles welded to the outside of the frame. I mounted a wooden box with 3/8 in plywood walls on a 3/4 in plywood bottom - all corners were  joined with aluminum corner angels for strength. The handle was made by bending electric conduit piping and inserting wood rods from where the handle attaches on the side up to the top of the handle. Cart was painted this color green originally to match the older model of the Roleez beachcart." - L. C.

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