The Wheeleez® Platform Dolly
A Revolution In Access & Personal Mobility

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Sand, grass, dirt and difficult terrain access for handicapped individuals.
Allows wheelchairs to go where you never imagined

A new era in access - the Wheeleez® Platform Dolly.
Cross soft sand, mud, snow gravel, turf, trails, paths, small rocks and other obstacles with ease

· Allows user to stay in their fitted chair - no transferring back & forth
· Fits most wheelchairs · Safe, secure operation

Platform Dolly Shown Below Disassembled For Easy Storage

Available for: Personal Use •  Rental Equipment
•  Beach/Park Concessions •  Mobility Retailers

Other Uses include: Construction equipment hauling
Material handling, Landscaping mover

• Facilitates wheelchair use on soft sand, mud, snow, gravel, turf, and many other surfaces

• Three-wheeled design offers exceptional maneuverability

• Eliminates need for a second “specialty wheelchair” for all terrain use

• Wheelchairs roll easily up and down folding wheel ramps

• Easy assembly and disassembly for transport and storage

• Quick release rear wheels and detachable front caster wheel

• Ramps fold up to provide stability and push-handle support

• Sturdy, expanded aluminum deck design permits ground view

• Four-point tie-down system secures wheelchair or anything to PLFD (Platform Dolly)

• Elevates user into stable position 10” off the ground (9” ground clearance)

No other wheels can take you where Wheeleez® can:

No more difficult and dangerous chair-to-chair transfers or barriers to reaching nature.

 Features and benefits:

Powder coated aluminum frame is tough and will NOT rust or deteriorate

• Folding wheel ramps with handle provide a sturdy grip, quick access and storage

• 3 Patented Wheeleez balloon wheels cover terrain NO other wheels can access

• Lockable handbrake for safe secure operation and parking

• 4 Buckle tie-down straps can secure any wheelchair configuration



Payload Capacity:
400 lbs (181 kg)

Dimensions with the ramps in up-right push handle position and with wheels mounted.

Length: 53.5” (136cm) Width: 52.8” (134cm) Height: 45.3” (115cm) Weight: 46.2 lbs (21kg)

Ramp Dimensions: Accommodates wheelchairs with 14" to 31" distance between wheels.

Platform Area: 32" (81.5cm) wide x 37" (91cm) long

Platform Deck Height from ground: 10” (25cm) Ground Clearance: (23cm)

Wheels (2) 19.3” (49cm) wheels load bearing, rear - (1) 11.9” (30cm) wheel swivel caster, front.


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