Wheeleez Beach Cart Folding-Mini


This product is not designed for and should not be used to transport children.

Weight:12 lbs     Payload Capacity:77 lbs
Tubular Steel      Finish: Epoxy Powder Coated
Balloon Wheels:
8-2/3" High x 5" Wide    Width With Wheels On: 21"
Handle Height Max:
38"     Platform Dimensions:10" Wide x 12" Deep
Folded Dimensions:
22"L x 13.5"W x 8"H


      M.S.R.P. $189.00 
Save $10.00
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The Wheeleez Beach Cart Folding-Mini is a more compact version of the regular Wheeleez Beach Cart-Folding. The Wheeleez Beach Cart-Mini is the perfect cart when trunk space is tight, yet you still want to carry everything in one trip. This beach cart eliminates the need for multiple trips back to your vehicle. Nothing compares with this beach cart for simplicity.

The Wheeleez difference - the soft yet tough, pneumatic tires disperses heavy loads over a large surface rolling area. Heavy, awkward loads are now pushed or pulled with ease. These wheels will not sink or plow into soft sand, soggy grass, or any other unstable/uneven surface.

  • Limited space at home or in vehicle? Think Mini!
  • Same great folding gear carrier-only smaller.
  • Smooth easy rolling of heavy, awkward gear over most any terrain.
  • Move coolers, chairs, sun shades at beaches, parks or sports fields.
  • Yes-and great for kids to use too!

The Folding-Mini vs. Full Size Beach Cart Folding
folded for transport

Compare Mini vs. Full Size Beach Cart Folding 
Compact size leaves lots of room for other gear. Beach Cart Folding-Mini fits perfectly into today's
smaller SUVs like this JEEP Patriot.
Haul gear at sports events.
Carries Coolers with ease.
 Two heavy coolers don't slow down the Folding-Mini.
Make one trip instead of two or three.
Rolling the Beach Cart Folding-Mini is child's play.
Load all the gear for a beach outing.

Click here to compare specs vs. the full size folding before ordering

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